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Question 1

A camera mounted too high might experience:

Question 2

To help focus a camera with an auto iris that is having difficulty under disparate light conditions, an installer may use a _________.

Question 3

The camera type used for back light compensation and especially difficult lighting applications is:

Question 4

CTV terminology, what do the letters CCD stand for?

Question 5

Covert video surveillance is illegal when:

Question 6

A camera mounted too low might experience:

Question 7

In a camera system using Cat5e cabling how is power supplied to the camera?

Question 8

When mounted in an outdoor area, such as a parking lot, which lens would give you a better opportunity to see detail at a focal point 140 feet from the camera?

Question 9

What do the letters CCTV stand for?

Question 10

If a camera system has a camera that supports POE but not a switch/router that supports POE, what component is necessary to use POE?

Question 11

The following are all names of different types of cameras except ___________.

Question 12

What does the acronym PoE stand for?

Question 13

The standard video format used in America and Canada is:

Question 14

Which of the following is NOT a recognized common camera lens type?

Question 15

What would be an appropriate example of 1 Lux illumination?