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Question 1

Which type of sensor is used for door installations?

Question 2

Industry terminology uses EOL to refer to:

Question 3

On the auxiliary power terminals of most alarm panels, what is the typical output voltage?

Question 4

Which of the below is the most ideal mounting location for PIR devices?

Question 5

Which one of the following statements is true?

Question 6

On an alarm panel, the zone connections are labeled with the zone number and "C". What does the "C" signify?

Question 7

How many wires are normally required for connecting a passive sensor to the control panel?

Question 8

What is the term used to describe the amount of light required to obtain a reasonable image with a surveillance video camera?

Question 9

Devices such as PIR's, Glass Break detectors and keypads are most commonly wired with which of the following cables?

Question 10

Alarm panels use EOL resistors to __________?

Question 11

Multiple intrusion devices can be connected to zone 1 on the alarm panel but they must be ___________?

Question 12

Wire typically used for Door/Window contacts is?

Question 13

It is recommended that alarm notification devices, such as sirens and speakers, be cabled with which of the following cables?

Question 14

Some alarm panels are capable of utilizing "Zone Doubling". This basically means that...

Question 15

A common use of a "Delay Zone” would be?

Question 16

A system has a 7Ah battery for backup power and has a non-alarm operational power draw of 500ma. Utilizing battery power only, the system in a non-alarm state will have sufficient power for how long?

Question 17

Most residential and small commercial alarm systems are powered by?

Question 18

Alarm contacts such as door/window contacts are composed of two pieces - the contact and the...